KubroTM > 'Bubble' and 'Bankruptcy' vs BTC
'Bubble' and 'Bankruptcy' vs BTC
Posted on 22 November, 2022

Digital Assets - Quantifying The Headline Themes. This chart shows the relative word frequencies for the groups of keywords and expressions related to 'bubble' and 'bankruptcy' appearing in the headlines of the posts/news/announcements/disclosures from the curated set of sources we track in Signallium(TM) Digital Assets, along with the BTC price as a broader crypto market gauge.

Indexed to 100=max, Kubro(TM) Index metrics can serve as a proxy for how certain narratives and topics rise and fall over time.

Here, interesting to see how the 'bubble' theme tended to trend down (with spikes) with the BTC, and the magnitude of the current bankruptcy theme.

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