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Integrating Email Newsletters
Posted on 23 June, 2022

Do you (or your data operations in business) get dozens or more newsletters a day, which you actually do like and you did sign up for as they bring valuable info and ideas, but you just don't have an efficient way to deal with the volume? How easy is it to find that little bit you recall was 'in one of those...' 

With Kubro(TM) Information Engine, we have integrated the ability to intake email (forwarded to a dedicated gate - not by accessing anyone's email) and then store, score/tag/label and filter, and search or output to a private dashboard or one consolidated robo-report email with only those items you really want, or via API into your own application. All within one standard framework applied also to web sources, filings, internal documents, or social posts.

Once the key parameters have been defined, the whole process becomes fully automated.