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Kubro(TM) Showcase: LLMs in Research
Posted on 7 December, 2023

Here's a simple but practical use case for LLMs in market research, where our 'junior analyst' Roya Ai distills some points on China from a few research reports on the outlook for 2024 - in the 1-minute video below. Accuracy not verified.

In actual deployments on larger volumes, we would see full automation, including how the reports get ingested (API, upload, email, web capture), pre-filtered/classified, and where the outputs go (email, dashboards, API, etc.). All are integrated within our broader Kubro(TM) Information Engine (Enterprise SaaS) by Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI).

In this case, we use Azure OpenAI API, but we have also installed Llama2 from scratch, with more room there for fine-tuning and knowledge editing. RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) or simpler Regex rules can also help with the accuracy / taking relevant components from longer bodies of text.