KubroTM > Kubro Use Case: Monitoring Market Intel on Law Firms
Kubro Use Case: Monitoring Market Intel on Law Firms
Posted on 13 June, 2022

Here's another illustration of how at Robotic Online Intelligence we think about solving the problem of inefficiency in dealing with fragmented information in private markets in a particular sector. 

Say a business wants to monitor, on a daily or weekly basis, a few hundred major law firms globally with a particular angle to that business - e.g. about what these firms publish publicly about new regulations, transactions they participated in, thought leadership pieces, or their own business growth, people, or a hot topic like digital rights in the metaverse. 

Such unstructured text information may come from the companies' public websites, blogs, social posts, email newsletters, or SEC filings, or a bunch of PDFs you have in-house.

The screenshot below shows an example of our 'rapid dashboarding' for this case. Kubro(TM) Information Engine at the backend allows for deployment of similar dashboards in a fast and cost-efficient manner across an organisation, and in a highly customized fashion - with your own sources and topics, in any language, or just feeding the results via API into your applications.

We've picked an example of law firms here, but this could be startups in biotech, VC firms, central banks, metaverse ventures, property firms, regulators or any other domain, in any language.