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Monitoring Central Banks
Posted on 11 December, 2023

What central banks say on the side, in speeches, remarks, in more obscure reports, may carry important signals yet these may not be easy to monitor.

In this example, our system monitors 30+ global central banks in terms of what they directly announce and disclose on their official public websites.

We then filter and classify the headlines into specific topics, and run AI summaries (using an LLM) for a quick read. 

Just like the piece from Argentina - the first one in the picture below.

This is another example of our Kubro(TM) Information Engine by Robotic Online Intelligence in action, for creating highly customized Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 'feeds', and integrating LLM.

It can be done in any language for any sector - we run these on domains ranging from "AI on AI", China REITs, to Hydrogen, Major Law Firms, to Sports or Digital Assets. Format-wise, it can be done via API, email, or web interface.

Easy to set up.