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NFTs and The Metaverse
Posted on 16 December, 2021




A lot is happening in the Metaverse and NFT world... and the new Matrix is coming out before Christmas. 

So we've put together a selection of pointers/headlines to the reads on NFTs and the Metaverse (link below) in our 'curated brief' style, to serve as a list of stimulating materials covering:

1)Background Reads  
2)Funding NFTs and the Metaverse 
4)Views and Opinions 
5)Market Momentum 
6)Legal Considerations 


You can read it here

All with the help of our Kubro(TM) Information Engine, where we now track 400+ select sources of fragmented information across the Web, Twitter, Filings, Newsletters, all related to NFTs and the Metaverse universe...