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Open Access Covid-19 Global Impact Tracker Is Live
Posted on 29 March, 2020

The Covid-19 Global Impact Tracker on Signallium(TM) from Robotic Online Intelligence is now live and freely available with a simple registration with an email. 




You can track the latest news and announcements from the manually curated public websites and select twitter accounts, all filtered through our Kubro(TM) market intelligence engine, with the following topic models:

– Search for Vaccine & Cure
– Policy Response & Macro
– Bans & Restrictions
– Business Impact
– Latest Data
– Markets Impact


We are also tagging by region. At this stage, all in English only.


Using the latest data from John Hopkins University, we check for updates on the key stats every 20 minutes, overall and for select regions. We also run some text analytics on the media headlines coverage.


Expect more analytics and data to be added soon.


Any feedback and suggestions most welcome.