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Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) Introduces Signallium(TM) – China Property: Market Intelligence and Signals From China Property Markets
Posted on 16 January, 2020

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2020 / Robotic Online Intelligence Ltd (ROI), an AI-powered business intelligence and analytics startup, announces the launch of Signallium™ | China Property, a market signals and intelligence service for foreign investors with exposure to local China property sector.




Signallium™ | China Property is a highly specialized subscription-based online headlines aggregation, filtering and analytics service, providing intelligence and signals on China property developers and markets across all property sectors.


It’s been designed for foreign institutional investors in stocks, bonds and private equity real estate markets and developers in mainland China, and it links to the sister venture Real Estate Foresight, drawing on its proprietary analytics and 8-year domain expertise in research on China property markets.


“We start with the China property as the most important sector with over USD 2 trillion in annual property sales, the major factor for Chinese economy and global asset classes, such as high yield bonds” says Robert Ciemniak, the Founder-CEO of Robotic Online Intelligence.





“Drawing on our 8-year research experience in the sector with the sister venture Real Estate Foresight, we can encode this universe with confidence and subtlety needed to pick the signals that matter”, adds Ciemniak.


The initial release of Signallium™ | China Property builds on the encoding of 2,000+ local sources, 250 developers, 100+ cities and 11 topic models such as Land Markets, Financing or Executives.


250 developers have their profile pages with their stock price history overlaid with the local news headlines (with archives going back to January 1, 2019).


Clients have an option to access some of Real Estate Foresight city reports (here’s an example) on up to 30-40 cities directly within the product when the news headline is tagged with a city name.




What types of signals can investors pick from such headline-level public local news feed?


In 2019, it would have been the rumours and talks around major price movements such as when one developer stock dropped 76% to crawl back 87% soon after, with very little in the mainstream media. Local reports of suspension of mortgages by some banks in major city was a clear tightening signal. When the Western headlines featured price cuts by developers, it was worth checking more examples and detailed evidence of what was going on at specific projects. 2019 also saw more on asset sales and exits from real estate by non-real estate players and of course ongoing discussions about the default concerns.


“Year after year, we see evidence of how listening closely to the local signals can give you an edge in developing your perspective on this market”, comments Robert Ciemniak.


A persistent question lies in how the curbing of funding for shantytown renovations, that has supported the sales volume growth, will play out, as well as any restrictions on pre-sales, the essential part of the financing model in China housing development, push for rental housing, to name a few.


Sometimes it’s just facts, reference data, specialist announcements, such as land transactions, new auctions, launch of a new metro line or an infrastructure project in a city.


Domestic perspectives and forecasts are well worth keeping an eye on, as they also inform the policy makers and rarely appear in full form in the mainstream media, whether on the blueprint for the Greater Bay Area in February 2019, or forecasts for 2020 by the domestic think tanks.




The new product is powered by Robotic Online Intelligence cloud-based crawling engine that works in any language including Chinese, for any sector, and a system for relevance-scoring and tagging, where AI can augment the human models. The Kubro™ SaaS offering was launched in September 2019 (see the press release).




Signallium™ | China Property does not aim to feed into quant engines or automated trading models but rather focused on how the analysts and executives consume information, dealing with the old information overload or ‘infobesity’ problem.


“Our focus is on optimising how we as humans absorb and filter information”, comments Robert Ciemniak.




Still, the volume of news headlines allows for some innovative analysis – gauging sentiment and narratives from frequently used keywords and expressions, such as the mentions of the words related to ‘default’ over time, or language used in the context of the property sector.



The AI parts focuses on classification and relevance-scoring algorithms, applying multi-layer neural networks, using convolutional neural networks and long short term memory networks, with models optimised for short text such as tweets or news headlines. Data labelling, model training and learning are part of the toolkit on Kubro™. 


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Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI), founded in 2017 and based in Hong Kong, provides AI-powered tools for data, research and investment firms, helping them save a significant amount of time in research of publicly available intelligence – through automation and workflow tools for data teams – in the search, collection, filtering, and communication of information.


Robotic Online Intelligence was selected to Cyberport Incubation Programme in Hong Kong in 2019 and is based in Cyberport, Hong Kong SAR.




Real Estate Foresight (REF), founded in 2012 and based in Hong Kong, provides the most granular and comprehensive independent research on China housing markets.


REF’s research and alternative data are powered by a suite of proprietary analytics, AI and automation technology modules developed by the sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence, combined with private data from data partners, including China Index Academy in Beijing.


Robert Ciemniak, who started both companies, draws on his earlier 13-career with Thomson Reuters in Europe, London and Hong Kong.




Signallium(TM) China Property product page


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