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Tracking Local Info In China Property Sector
Posted on 10 March, 2023

A lot of action in the China property sector.


Kaisa published the long-awaited 2021 full results and interim 2022 reports last night, Fantasia just released the details of the restructuring plan. Evergrande is still not 'solved' but news and rumors do pop up. A wave of commentaries in the local Chinese media has followed. Restructurings, deals, policy announcements, and new waves of (re)financing play out on a daily basis.

It can be hard to stay on top of all the local news and rumors. And that's where Robotic Online Intelligence comes in. Our Signallium(TM) China Property search and market intelligence system monitors a curated set of over 3,000 local sources for all such significant events as well as the 'weak signals' not otherwise visible in financial media in English. It filters and translates the headlines into several topic models, presenting the results in a handy dashboard accessible from a desktop or mobile device.

Combined with proprietary research on China housing from Real Estate Foresight, you have a powerful tool to help you form your views and decisions on the China property sector.


Free trials on request, suitable for institutional players.