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Tracking VC firms' activity
Posted on 2 December, 2021

Here's an illustration of how at Robotic Online Intelligence we think about solving the problem of inefficiency of dealing with fragmented information in private markets in a particular sector. 

Say on a daily or weekly basis, you want to monitor the deals, market views, fundraising, or people across 200 (or any number of) specific VC firms with a particular angle to your business - be it as a startup, LP, competitor VC, or a service firm. 

Such unstructured text information may come from the companies' public websites, blogs, tweets, email newsletters, or SEC filings, or a bunch of PDFs you have in-house.

The screenshot below shows an example of our 'rapid dashboarding' for this case. With Kubro(TM) information engine at the backend, we can deploy similar dashboards in an extensively customised way, fast, and in a cost efficient manner across an organisation.

PM me for access to the live version of this example, or request access via the link in the first comment. 

We picked VC firms here, but this could be law firms, startups in healthcare, or central banks, NFTs, property firms, regulators or any other domain, in any language.  

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