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Wrapping up 2022 with Robotic Online Intelligence and its Kubro(TM) Information Engine
Posted on 30 January, 2023

We are wrapping up 2022 with Robotic Online Intelligence and its Kubro(TM) Information Engine, with a few product development highlights from this year, and what we will be focusing on in early 2023.


1. PEOPLE INTELLIGENCE - With our new algorithm, the single code works across a range of webpage structures. It allows the monitoring and capture of information about team members/executives directly from companies’ websites. 

2. MINING THE FILINGS AND DOCUMENTS - added tools to extract targeted information, such as SEC Form-D, Companies House (UK) filings, or extracting property and loan information on specific properties disclosed in CMBS-related forms 424B.

3. FLEXIBLE DASHBOARDS FOR DESKTOP AND MOBILE - In a matter of minutes, users can now create their own dashboards, own dashboards - fully customisable, shareable with an access code and coming with built-in search and email alert capabilities. 

4. SIGNALLIUM(TM) DIGITAL ASSETS - The new search and alerts engine for digital assets market intelligence, monitoring 3,000+ curated sources of info - filtering/classifying/tagging into several topic models (e.g. Capital Activity, Policy and Regulation, Real Estate Tokenization).

5. CORE ENGINE (TAGGING AND CRAWLING) - For all the new and exciting bits, we have been continuously evolving the core crawling and classification engine. It now runs faster, is more scalable, allows for greater control and more accurate review of performance, and handles more and more exceptions and special cases. 


Lead Generation - A solution for lead generation/business development for any domain, where the proposition is to deliver to clients information that would trigger a sales or business development action - based on unstructured text, such as announcements, disclosures, and news. Emphasis on efficient customization. 

Master Feeds - To serve as ‘ready-to-use’ by clients. For example, we monitor in such feeds the ‘headlines’ from around 200+ major VCs, 500+ law firms, and 1,000+ major listed companies across the world - in terms of public announcements or posts directly on their IR and news, and blog websites.

“ChatROI” - a more considerable stretch - to integrate some of the AI language models to carry out a search through Kubro(TM) collections in ChatGPT-style natural language, but restricted to specific domains. 

In the meantime, thank you for your support in 2022 to all our clients and partners.